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Jun. 12th, 2015 04:44 pm
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Just using this post to track some memes for ease of rereading later.

* Intimacy Meme ~ Early in her SHIELD career Natasha and Clint have a chat about honesty and trust ([personal profile] red_andblack )

* Online Dating Meme ~ Just messing with Thor in an online dating forum

* Broken Meme ~ Natasha is injured on a mission and Clint has to get her to safety ([personal profile] red_andblack )

* The Alignment Switch Meme ~ The knock to the head wasn't a permanent solution and Clint reverts back to Loki's control ([personal profile] red_andblack )

* The B-Movie Scenario Meme - Clint and Bobbi have to fight off zombies she happened to create in the lab ([personal profile] ofafeather )

* The Sensory Deprivation Meme - A mission goes awry and Clint loses most of his hearing ([personal profile] red_andblack )

* The Aliens Meme - Clint and Tony try to escape the aliens that have invaded Avengers Tower ([personal profile] starkingenuity )

* The Aliens Invasion Meme - Clint and Abe Sapien chat and get to know each other a bit before having to work together in another alien invasion ([personal profile] bprd_fishman )

* The Aliens Invasion Meme - Clint and Natasha are abducted by aliens and need to work out an escape plan ([personal profile] theassassin )

* The Eggbaby Meme - A mission into a HYDRA base leads to unexpected personal conflicts when Clint and Natasha discover the organization has been creating test tube super soldiers ([personal profile] inthered )

* The Icons First Meme - Double the Hawkeye, double the fun with the cracktastic random icon meme! ([personal profile] trickd )

* The Fluff For All Meme - Clint and Bobbi do some stargazing ([personal profile] mimidaes )

* The Fluff For All Meme - Janet joins the Avengers and gets to meet her new teammates ([personal profile] wasp_stings )

* The Proposal Meme - After a mission goes particularly bad, Clint and Natasha share some deep feelings and he throws caution to the wind. ([personal profile] red_andblack )

* The Trapped Together Meme - Clint and Natasha are trapped in a mall waiting for an informant. Hijinks ensue. ([personal profile] herbestdisguise )

* The Trapped Together Meme - Hawkeye and Cap get separated tracking a perp underground. ([personal profile] dontknowwhentoquit )

* The Sick Day Meme - Clint has a possible concussion and Natasha tries to keep him awake. He is far from the most cooperative patient. ([personal profile] herbestdisguise )

* The Coffeehouse Meme - Clint and Natasha meet for coffee, then decide to take it back to their place to pursue an alternate method of warming up. ([personal profile] theassassin )

* The Coffeehouse Meme - The coffeehouse is packed so Katniss ends up sitting at Clint's table. They bond over archery. ([personal profile] not_catnip )

* The IC Confessions Meme - "I'm scared for us," Natasha confesses while half asleep, so her and Clint have a talk about it. ([personal profile] herbestdisguise )

* The Alternate Universe Meme - Natasha is a guardian and has chosen Clint as her ward, only he knows nothing about this. He just thinks his partner may be obsessively stalking him... ([personal profile] herbestdisguise )

* The Rad Bromance Meme - While playing super hero on the rooftops in NYC, Clint encounters a masked man who seems just a little too familiar... ([personal profile] justlikeacircus )

* The Rad Bromance Meme - After the war on Manhattan, Phil and Clint go camping to try to recuperate. ([personal profile] herohandler )

* The Snowfall Meme - On their way to a mission Clint and Natasha have to hole up in a small cabin in the snow. They exchange Christmas presents. ([personal profile] red_andblack )

* Hurt/Comfort Meme - Clint lost his hearing during a mission and Natasha hasn't been there to help him through it. She finally tried to make up for that. ([personal profile] redrussian )

* The Stuck in an Elevator Meme - Early on in their partnership Clint and Natasha get stuck in an elevator. Will they bond or kill each other? ([personal profile] debts )

* The Hug Meme - Natasha tries to apologise to Clint, and while his mind resists his heart and body can't. ([personal profile] ledgerinred )

* The Hug Meme - It's just about time to leave for a mission, but Clint and Natasha have a hard time tearing themselves away from each other to go. What's a few more minutes? ([personal profile] herbestdisguise )

* The Cuddle Bug Meme - Clint gets caught in a storm and shows up at Natasha's place drenched through. Cue the cuddling. ([personal profile] herbestdisguise )

* The Wedding Dress Meme - Natasha is marrying someone else and Clint shows up to say his goodbyes. A least, that is what he intends to do. ([personal profile] ledgerinred )

SPYJINKS VERSE (with [personal profile] ledgerinred )

* The Things That Go Bump in the Night Meme - Clint and Natasha are sent on a mission to destroy a building with far more secrets enclosed than they were aware of

* Natasha attempts to bake at SWS and Clint decides to help before she burns the place down or murders someone

THE BENEFITS OF TRUTH VERSE (with [personal profile] tarblackheart )

* The Compulsive Truth Telling Meme - Natasha is dosed with a truth serum on a mission which leads to some interesting revelations and developments

* The Cuddle Meme - Following extraction and debriefing, the pair meet up again at Avengers Tower for some much desired downtime and to settle in to the new status of their relationship

THE BROKEN VERSE (with [personal profile] herbestdisguise )

* Time for Halloween Nightmares Meme - Between Loki's mind control, insomnia and drugs prescribed by many a psychiatrist, Clint is driven mad and can no longer tell nightmares from reality. Natasha tries to help him.

* The Dog Days Are Over - After months in near solitary confinement, Natasha finally manages to convince SHIELD that she can help Clint more than anyone.

THE FORGET ME NOT VERSE (with [personal profile] red_andblack )

* The Alignment Switch Meme ~ The knock to the head wasn't a permanent solution and Clint reverts back to Loki's control

* The Random Scenario Meme ~ After three weeks in a coma Clint awakens to discover he has lost the past seven years of his life

* The Friendship Meme ~ Bruce talks to Natasha and convinces her that Clint might not be lost, and that she could help him

* Memories Are Films About Ghosts ~ Natasha tells Clint that in the seven years he has forgotten that they crossed the line from just partners to lovers... and much more

* Nothing is Ever Really Lost - Clint and Natasha start their journey of hopeful rediscovery

* Heat - After a week of traveling and making very little headway, Clint and Natasha end up in Las Vegas and decide to distract themselves for one night by hitting the strip
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It was the perfect New York Christmas.  The air was cold, the trees covered in snow, and flurries drifted on a chill breeze around the many sparkling lights.  Everything was just right, but Clint couldn’t swallow down that uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He and Natasha had spent every Christmas together since he brought her into SHIELD, but this would be the first one since they had finally given into their feelings; their first Christmas as a couple.  Of course he was excited, this was very new terrain, but he was also nervous about screwing everything up.  He had a bad habit of doing that, and he wanted everything to be perfect, starting with the tree.

Bundled up in his winter coat and gloves with his scarf tied high around his chin and his toque pulled low over his ears, Clint knocked at Natasha’s door.
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By the time they finished breakfast the food had gone cold, but Clint swore it was still better than what he had been living on the past few weeks.  Afterwards, as tempting as it was to stay in bed all day, he had struggled into his clothes and met her in the kitchen while she cleaned up.  A shower and a change of clothes sounded like about the best thing ever at that point, and he had been pleasantly surprised when she told him he didn’t have to go far to accomplish that.

Despite his absence Tony had made sure that Clint had his own apartment inside the tower as well, and he hadn’t taken care of just the furnishings.  There would be clothes in the closet as well, and likely in the proper size.  Tony had probably stolen his measurements from his SHIELD file for uniforms.

Clint had insisted that he would be back, that he wasn’t planning to stay in his new place, but Natasha had accompanied him anyway to the room.  He didn’t argue.

“Have you seen the place?” he asked as he stopped outside of the door.  “Should I be scared?”
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They had given him a private room in the medical wing, wanting to closely monitor him at all times, and while normally Clint would have put up a fuss over this, now knowing what he did he had no fight in him. He went to the physiotherapy sessions daily, slowly working on regaining his strength, and he even cooperated with whatever other therapy they wanted to throw at him, or as much as ‘attending the sessions and saying very little’ counted as cooperating.

Really, what was there to say?

He did very little in the time since he’d woken up, mostly just sat in bed and stared out the window. If they gave him drugs he took them, when they told him to sleep he did; he was nothing if not obedient, but it was a hollow obedience, more like a robot just going through the motions.

Most days he spent a lot of time alone, and in this time there was little to do but think, and his thoughts always turned to her. Fury had been in to see him the morning after he had awoken, and when asked the Director told him everything. He knew his involvement in almost destroying the helicarrier and everyone on it, and while Fury had had few details of his recent relapse, he had informed Clint that it was his own bullet that had injured Natasha, and a shot from the Quinjet that had taken him down. It had been hard to hear, hard to accept, but as the day wore on and she didn’t visit at promised the knowledge slowly sank in.

He had always been the one to protect her and stand up for her since bringing her in, and now he had betrayed the reluctant trust she had put in him. Each day his thoughts turned darker. She didn’t just mistrust him now, she probably hated him, maybe even feared him. It only made sense because he felt all of these things toward himself.

Sitting at the window, his bare feet on the edge of the chair, knees drawn up to his chest, Clint tried to remember a time when his life hadn’t been this complete pit of despair, but it was becoming harder to remember anything beyond the misery he currently found himself in.
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For three days they just talked, and more often than not they sit in silence, but after she had given him some names of people who had possible connection to the Red Room Clint had managed to get Fury to give him access to one of the smaller, private training rooms. It had all the essentials: training mats, punching bag and, of course, targets.

They had been at it for going on twenty minutes, their first sparring match since that first meeting in the tunnels. She was good, he had to give her that, but it was clear she wasn’t used to a challenge, at least not any more; he doubted she had came up against many recently who could even make her work for a victory.

Clint could have ended it sooner but he let it go on, watching all her moves closely, learning her tells. She had a definite routine, an order of things, and he kept on the defensive, letting her keep the upper hand, until she became too repetitive. He hadn’t acted much on the offensive the entire time so when he finally switched it was fast and it was effective. He used her surprise, her confidence that she was the best, and in the blink of an eye he had her on her back, pinned to the mat.

“Not bad,” he complimented her. Sort of.
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Chronicling Clint and Natasha's relationship from the very beginning.


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